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Brick Slip Cladding Panels

Brick Slip Tracking System for use Internally to speed up the installation for brick slips, whilst offer the added benefits of an A1 Fire Rating, and adding strength to the feature wall.

Our A1 Fire rated cladding panels offer excellent fire properties as well as high levels of dimensional stability,
Our Brick Slip Tracking panel is used primarily as a fire rated brick slip tracker panel and lends itself to the Shopfitting / Fitout industry where project timescales are tight.

Using our tracking panels can typically save around 50% on installation time, once the panels are installed semi skilled labour can be used to install the  brick slips.


Our Internal cladding panels come in a two sizes;

2400mmHigh x 1220mm Wide x 8mm Thick

1155mm High x 1220mm Wide x 8mm Thick


Partition Walls

Over Cladding direct to Brick or Block

Modular construction

System Weight

System weight is approximately 32KG/m2 when used with our purpose made brick slips.

System Fixing Method

The boards need to be fixed at 400mm centres, using 36mm steel washers and screws. Screw lengths are to be dictated by the substrate type.


Recommended Adhesive

We recommend using our Slip-Fix Adhesive for external or Internal projects. This has been extensively tested in conjunction with our boards. We do not recommend using alternative adhesives.

Recommended Mortar

Customers can use our Slip-Point Mortar which is readily available in a choice of two colours (White, and Natural Grey), or pointing can be done with the clients preferred mortar mix . We would recommend gun injection application as this would maximise the speed of the install.