• Mystique Brick Slip

    Mystique Brick Slip

    The Mystique brick slip is the jewel in our crown

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  • What is brick cladding?

    What is brick cladding?

    Exactly what is Brick Cladding and what are the benefits?

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  • Brick Faced Cladding panels on the rise

    Brick Faced Cladding panels on the rise

    Brick Slips and brick cutting for brick cladding panels in pre cast construction

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  • What Are Brick Slips?

    What Are Brick Slips?

    TBS Cladding Solutions are the people’s choice for brick slips. So let us walk you through exactly what brick slips are.

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  • Brick Slip Tile

    Brick Slip Tile

    Brick slip tiles are a great, innovative way to achieve an exposed brick wall finish in internal or external areas of your home.

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  • Brick Slip Cutting

    Brick Slip Cutting

    For your brick slip cutting needs TBS Cladding Solutions is the place for you! We can provide you with high quality precise cuts at a great price. Furthermore, we can do this with the fastest turnaround time in the brick slip cutting industry!

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  • Brick Cladding

    Brick Cladding

    For all new build projects brick cladding is the definitely the way to go. TBS Cladding Solutions are among the leading providers of brick cladding across Europe. We can offer better prices than our competitors as well as having the ability to get your products to you faster than anyone else!

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  • Brick Slip Manufacturer and Distributor like no other

    Brick Slip Manufacturer and Distributor like no other

    TBS Cladding Solutions are determined to become the biggest brick slip manufacturer worldwide.

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  • Cut And Bond Brick Slips

    Cut And Bond Brick Slips

    Here at TBS Cladding Solutions we are able to offer cut and bond brick slip specials. Due to our tireless workforce, we also offer industry leading turnaround times.

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