Brick Cladding Panel Benefits

Brick Slip Tracking System for use with Modular, ICF, timber frame and Traditional Build, for large scale applications to speed up the installation of the project.

Our A1 Fire rated cladding panels offer excellent fire properties as well as high levels of dimensional stability,
Our Brick Slip Tracking panel is used primarily as a fire rated brick slip tracker panel or building fire block board. Used extensively on both steel frame and timber frame structures as well as traditional buildings, Our system can be used with all types of façade solutions, with a fire rating of 60 mins with all of our 12mm panels.

Our External cladding panels are available in the following sizes;

1155mm High x 1220mm Wide x 12mm Thick – Horizontal or Vertical tracking options

2400mm High x 1220mm Wide x 12mm Thick – Horizontal or vertical tracking options

Our panels are CNC machined to extreme tolerances, and gives us the flexibility to offer tracking heights to suit any brick type from 25mm high – 80mm high.

Brick Cladding Panels – External



External panels

Brick Cladding Panels – Internal


Internal Panels