We offer a complete collection & redelivery service nationwide for our trade customers, typical turn around times are 3-5 working days from collecting the bricks to delivering your brick specials back to you.

All our Cut & Bond brick specials are manufactured using A2 Fire rated Epoxy Resin, and the same sands and aggregates as used by the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind that your cut and bonded brick specials will last the test of time.

We offer both Refaced and Cut and Plugged options in a wide range of British standard specials.

Often the lead time for purpose made specials from most manufacturers is prohibitive to the project times claes, lead times of over 16 weeks are common place in the current market. Using fabricated brick specials is a far quicker and often considerably cheaper option to add the desired character to your project without the delays and expense of purpose made brick specials.


Our range of British Standard specials includes the below special brick types, however if what you are looking for is not listed below please contact us as we can offer a large range of non standard specials to suit your requirements.

Pistol Bricks