Slip-Point Brick Slip Mortar

Our Slip-point gun injected mortar provides a quick and clean method of jointing both horizontal and vertical brick slip projects.

Our Gun injected mortar has been specifically designed to ensure ease of use when being installed using a hand-held mortar gun. The light and pliable texture of Slip-point makes it fast and convenient to work with and the hand-held mortar gun allows intricate areas to be grouted neatly to your Brick Slip Cladding. Whilst this has been designed with Gun injection application in mind it can still be applied by trowel in the traditional way.

Some of the great benefits of our pointing mortar are;

  • Mixed easily on-site with water
  • Excellent compatibility, and colour consistency.
  • Resistance to freeze/thaw weather conditions – Suitable for both Internal & External uses.
  • Suitable for use around heat sources such as Stoves, Log Burners and kitchen hobs.
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Fast and easy application
  • Works with all brickslips
  • Conforms to BS 7533
  • Our Slip-point pointing mortar come in a natural white colour.
  • Each bag covers 3.5m2 of brick slips when laid in stretcher bond using a standard 10mm recessed mortar joint.


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