Brick Slips For Pre Cast Concrete

Pre cast brick slips

Specialists in the Supply of Brick Slips to the Pre Cast Concrete Industry

Being the largest supplier of both cut brick slips and purpose made brick slips to the Uk and Irish markets, ensures we have the right product, at the right budget to suit any project requirements.

Market leaders in Pre Cast Construction Brick Slips

Our industry leading turnaround times place us at the forefront of the pre cast construction brick slip supply industry, 

We have the capabilities to produce large volumes of cut brick products to ensure we can accommodate the most demanding of schedules, our average order quantity is typically in excess of 500k slips, and we have the capacity to run several projects alongside each other.

Stock Holding - we are able to accommodate up to 2 million bricks on the ground at our factory at any one time, this enables us to reduce the risk of brick supply shortages affecting your schedule.

Product Quality - We only use virgin water to cut all brick types, ensuring that the product leaves in perfect condition. This also allows ut the flexibility of cutting multiple different coloured brick at the same time whilst avoiding colour contamination.

Finished products - As part of our service offering we supply all your products on extra heavy duty 4 way pallets, 4 way banded, shrink wrapped and pallet hooded, and labeled with the product name, call-off number, and drawing of the special inside the pallet to allow your team to manage the stock efficiently at your site.

We can work with your design team to come up with a cost-effective method of cutting the bricks to maximize yields and reduce brick costs, and the quantity required.

As an alternative to cut brick slips we can also offer purpose made clay brick slips, offering both cost saving and weight savings. The extremely tight tolerances of this range allow for an increased speed of production through the pre cast or modular factory.




Brick Slip Supply

As the sister company to one of the UK's leading brick importers, we are uniquely placed to offer a delivered package of cut products with out the need to outsource your brick cutting from your brick supply.

Working with our products on large schemes allows us to control the manufactuer of both bricks, and brick slips / brick cutting, ensuring no delays are encoutered along the project process.

If you have a requirement for brick and/or brick slips on your next project, please check out the full range of products we can offer from Traditional Brick & Stone Ltd.

Or alternatively contact your local area sales manager for Traditional Brick & Stone

In addition to our range from our sister company we also are able to offer the full range of Roben brick slips, being the market leader in purpose made brick slips gives us a huge depth of range, and industry beating lead times.