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Why are Brick Slips so popular?

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Why are Brick Slips so popular?

Bricks are timeless and the best choice for construction

Although architects and planners are more specific about the styles and types of brick they use, it is not clear that bricks are losing their popularity. The appearance, feel, and quality of brickwork can have a huge impact on the property’s value. There are many new ways to improve on the classic. Brick slips or tiles are made from full-size bricks and have seen a lot of success in recent years. They are now more widely used for both internal and external use. These tiles can be used to create a classic finish that can be easily applied to cheaper materials like concrete blocks and timber frames.

What’s the secret to this popularity surge?

Brick slips are being used for many purposes, including cladding new buildings or adding industrial-inspired features walls to bathrooms and kitchens. If you choose the right brick, they can be used externally to blend new properties into your neighborhood or make an extension look right. You can cut slips from bricks to match the existing brickwork. This is possible with reliable supplies. This new opportunity is exciting for developers and architects.

Slips are becoming a popular choice, especially in urban areas. London is a prime example of how space is scarce in cities. To make space for new buildings, old and not-so-old properties are removed to make way for them. These projects require speed. Demolition and construction can be disruptive to daily life. Developers want to minimize the costs and impact on the community. Slips also take up less space than traditional storage, which is often the case on construction sites. Brick slips are a great solution for developers looking to save time and labor, as well as self-builders. Bricklaying is labour-intensive, time-consuming and weather dependent. If you are able to find skilled tradespeople, this can be a great option. Projects can be delayed by a lack of skills, which can lead to increased costs and disruption. Slip repairs to existing surfaces are quicker and more straightforward and can be done by anyone, whether a professional or a novice builder. To complete the look brick corners or “pistols” are available. Brick slip systems provide a template that allows slips to be placed in the right order. This makes it easier to get a great result.

Brick slips are a product that is relevant to today’s times. Although they won’t replace bricks, there are many applications where slips can be used to build faster, lighter, and simpler structures. You can order slips in any size, including imperial or metric. They also come in all colours and finishes. TBS Cladding Solutions offers the largest selection of traditional handmade, wirecut and reclaimed brick cladding tiles. You can match your slips to any environment, which is a huge advantage for those who are building infill areas in cities. Developers can easily meet planning and conservation requirements, making the most of limited space to build new buildings that have traditional appearances and high performance.

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