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Brick Slip Tile

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Brick Slip Tile

Brick slip tiles are a great, innovative way to achieve an exposed brick wall finish in internal or external areas of your home.

Interior Brick Slip Tile

TBS Cladding Solutions is the UK’s number one hub for interior brick slip tiles. We work closely with other retailers such as Slips From Stock to distribute our products across the UK and beyond! From place of order the longest you will have to wait is 7 working days however, many customers have received their orders much quicker than this! So don’t hesitate to order your brick slip tiles today and see how your home transforms. Although the slips provided to our retailers can be used in external brick slip projects, these are normally purchased for use inside peoples homes.

Exterior Brick Slip

Projects requiring exterior brick slip tiles is our bread and butter. We have supplied numerous precast jobs across London and the rest of the UK. Furthermore, we have the quickest turnaround time in the industry meaning we made the life of the precaster all the more easier. Holding a large stock of brick slip tiles allows us to begin work almost instantly after you have placed your order. Whether it is a sky rise in the city centre or a humble cottage in the country side, we are positive we have the brick slip tile for your project! Failing this, you always have the option to drop the bricks in our yard and we’ll gladly turn them into brick slip tiles for you.

What We Can Offer You

We can organise collection and redelivery to and from your site regardless of location and loading restrictions, usually within 48 hours. We believe it is very important to provide our customers with the best value for money possible. So because of this, we always endeavour to quality check all of our products before sending them out. In the rare instance you are unsatisfied with the product, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can resolve any issues quickly.

We have an advanced production scheduling system allowing us to keep on-top of large orders. Consequently, giving you, the customer, the confidence in TBS Cladding Solutions’ ability to work alongside your projects to ensure a smooth delivery process of your products.

Our large yard can hold in excess of 2 million bricks, brick slip tiles, and cut and bond brick slips specials. This enables us to get in front of the most demanding schedules to have your finished products sat on the ground awaiting call off. We do this as we appreciate in todays current climate most schedules change weekly!

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