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Brick Slip Cutting

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Brick Slip Cutting

For your brick slip cutting needs TBS Cladding Solutions is the place for you! We can provide you with high quality precise cuts at a great price. Furthermore, we can do this with the fastest turnaround time in the brick slip cutting industry!

Brick Slip Cutting Capabilities

We use state of the art bespoke machinery to cut our brick slips. This allows us to produce high quality products in the most efficient manner possible. Within a week we can produce over 100,000 slips meaning we are more than capable of supplying large jobs. Our brick slip cutting machines are also fitted with driers which in turn means you do not have to spend time letting them dry once they arrive to you. As a result of this, your builders can begin work immediately which saves you time and money in the long run! Our brick yard can also hold in excess of 1 million bricks so we are never short of stock and are sure to be able to supply you quicker than anyone else in the industry. We also produce slips for our retail partners such as Slips From Stock.

Other Cutting Services

What is great abut us is that we can offer you more than just brick slip cutting. We also can cut full bricks as well as offering cut and bond specials. Essentially, if there is anything you need doing with a brick, we can do it! If you contact us with drawings and measurements. we’ll get back to you by the end if the next working day with a price and a lead time. Once everything has been agreed, we’ll plan your project into production and get it to site as soon as possible. We normally work to a 0.2mm tolerance however, if this doesn’t work for you please let us know before we begin production.

What We Can Offer You

We can organise collection and redelivery to and from your site regardless of location and loading restrictions, usually within 48 hours. We believe it is very important to provide our customers with the best value for money possible. So because of this, we always endeavour to quality check all of our products before sending them out. In the rare instance you are unsatisfied with the product, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can resolve any issues quickly. We have an advanced production scheduling system allowing us to keep on-top of large orders. Consequently, giving you, the customer, the confidence in TBS Cladding Solutions’ ability to work alongside your projects to ensure a smooth delivery process of your products. Our large yard can hold in excess of 2 million bricks, brick slips, and cut and bond brick slips specials. This enables us to get in front of the most demanding schedules to have your finished products sat on the ground awaiting call off. We do this as we appreciate in todays current climate most schedules change weekly!

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