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  • Thin Brick vs Regular Depth Brick

    Thin Brick vs Regular Depth Brick

    Learn about the advantages and differences between each option before you start to install an upscale brick façade.

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  • Why are Brick Slips so popular?

    Why are Brick Slips so popular?

    Although architects and planners are more specific about the styles and types of brick they use, it is not clear that bricks are losing their popularity. The appearance, feel, and quality of brickwork can have a huge impact on the property’s value. There are many new ways to improve on the classic. Brick slips or tiles are made from full-size bricks and have seen a lot of success in recent years. They are now more widely used for both internal and external use. These tiles can be used to create a classic finish that can be easily applied to cheaper materials like concrete blocks and timber frames.

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  • TBS Cladding Solutions Increases Capacity at its Nottinghamshire Factory

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