• What are the different types of bricks?

    Bricks are one of the oldest and most commonly used building materials in the world. They are known for their durability, strength, and versatility, which make them an ideal choice for a wide range of construction projects. There are many different types and colours of bricks available on the market, each with their own unique characteristics and benefits. In this blog post, we will explore the different types and colours of bricks.

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  • Brick Cladding

    Brick Cladding

    Brick cladding, also known as brick veneer or thin brick, is an excellent way to add the timeless and classic look of brick to a building without the expense and weight of traditional brick construction. Brick cladding is essentially a thin layer of brick that is adhered to the exterior of a building, providing a beautiful and durable finis

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  • Thin Brick vs Regular Depth Brick

    Thin Brick vs Regular Depth Brick

    Learn about the advantages and differences between each option before you start to install an upscale brick façade.

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  • Why are Brick Slips so popular?

    Why are Brick Slips so popular?

    Although architects and planners are more specific about the styles and types of brick they use, it is not clear that bricks are losing their popularity. The appearance, feel, and quality of brickwork can have a huge impact on the property’s value. There are many new ways to improve on the classic. Brick slips or tiles are made from full-size bricks and have seen a lot of success in recent years. They are now more widely used for both internal and external use. These tiles can be used to create a classic finish that can be easily applied to cheaper materials like concrete blocks and timber frames.

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  • TBS Cladding Solutions Increases Capacity at its Nottinghamshire Factory

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  • Mystique Brick Slip

    Mystique Brick Slip

    The Mystique brick slip is the jewel in our crown

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  • What is brick cladding?

    What is brick cladding?

    Exactly what is Brick Cladding and what are the benefits?

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  • Brick Faced Cladding panels on the rise

    Brick Faced Cladding panels on the rise

    Brick Slips and brick cutting for brick cladding panels in pre cast construction

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  • What Are Brick Slips?

    What Are Brick Slips?

    TBS Cladding Solutions are the people’s choice for brick slips. So let us walk you through exactly what brick slips are.

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  • Brick Slip Tile

    Brick Slip Tile

    Brick slip tiles are a great, innovative way to achieve an exposed brick wall finish in internal or external areas of your home.

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